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It is almost like I have a dysfunction in my chest. Not to be dramatic here but I swear my heart beats ferociously fast whenever it senses or notices anything with tassels on it.

I love tassels on any article of clothing, be it shoes or a dress. There are at least three pieces with tassels on them in today's attire; my kimono-inspired cardigan, my top and my bag. I feel that they add that nice bohemian touch that just finishes any piece.

Being a flower child myself, this outfit is undoubtedly one of my GO-TOs. It’s casually cute, comfortable and a combination of girly and bohemian. The best part is that it’s very me.

Now, if only I had shoes with tassels on them.

| Hat Thrifted | Shoes (old) & Top Pull & Bear | Cardigan H&M |
| Shorts (old) Stradivarius | Bag & Ring Forever21 |

Camel Sand

         My favourite thing about winter isn’t the lack of mosquito bites or the fact that sweating is highly unlikely.  My favourite thing about winter is the fact that I get to wear berets. Oooh, and also, to drink hot chocolate. 

         Berets are my form of floppy hats for the winter season. They lend a French touch to any outfit and are so versatile in where they can either be dressed up or down, depending on the pieces it’s paired with.

          I paired mine with a more neutral, demure sand colour to really make the beret be the piece that makes the outfit. Soft colours like sand, khaki and camel have been seen at the Fall / Winter 2016 Fashion week at Chloé, Lanvin and Valentino. In this winter outfit, I combined together different shades of camels and sand to keep the browns from blending too much altogether and topped it off with my go-to shades.

          What is your favourite thing about winter?

| Beret Forever21 | Choker Urban Outfitters | Jeans H&M | Sweater Bershka | Shades Ray Ban |
| Boots Pull & Bear | Bag Michael Kors | Watch Daniel Wellington
| Scarf Burberry (Borrowed from Mom:D) |

Hunter Green

          Well, first things first, Happy New Year, lovelies!
          I’ve been quite cheeky these past few months and haven’t done much with my blog. School this year just got so crazy. Therefore, I have made a New Year resolution to better my time management and make sure I have time for everything as opposed to working with my usual, too free, “go with the flow” attitude. So, with fingers crossed, expect to see more frequent posts here.
          The New Year also means new clothes, or in my case, new pants. I always wear black pants in the winter and thus, a fair number of black pants have somehow accumulated in my closet. This pair of green pants I have on is in such a gorgeous hue; I couldn’t help but pick it up and add to my collection of only black pants and one pair of denim jeans. The color isn’t too obnoxious for when I feel like dressing darker and it also reminds me of that one line from Taylor Swift’s song, I know Places: “They are the hunters, we are the foxes.”
          I paired it with a boxy sweater that has slits halfway up the sides which helps sustain my shape and keep it from looking too boxy. I kept it simple and school-appropriate with my combat boots, backpack and a statement necklace because, honestly, who would I be without my signature must-have statement necklace in every outfit?
          What are your must-haves for any outfit?

 | Sweater, Pants, Necklace & Boots H&M | Bag Longchamp |
| Watch Daniel Wellington | Glasses Topshop |

Back to School: A turtleneck outfit

        It's amazing how fashion has managed to get away with challenging its rules once again. What was once believed to be worn just for winter, turtlenecks have now been made possible to wear in the warmer months with sleeveless and short-sleeved versions of the aforementioned winter turtlenecks. Turtlenecks are brilliant as they can amp up any outfit while lending a bit of warmth as it covers up the neck, just perfect for the chilly classrooms in school. 

       I wanted to keep the outfit quite neutral so I paired my turtleneck with simple black pieces. To break it up a bit, I added a few gold and brown accents and there you have it: my back to school ensemble.

       What do you think of my outfit?

Waldorf Cruise

          After my 5 month hiatus on my blog, I’m finally back doing blogposts and getting back into reading and discovering brilliant blogs; most of which are filled with pictures of them on a holiday cruise. Gah, stab my heart now. *Insert crying emoji here* Travelling to several parts of the world in one cruise trip has been a long time dream of mine, despite my terrible case of motion sickness. I’ve been in that holiday cruise mood so much lately that I resulted in dressing up as if I were on one, sipping mango smoothies and pink guava juice with lemongrass.

          This time I’ve got my outfit centred around this lovely skirt I picked up from Stradivarius a few months back. At the time, I was shopping with Blair Waldorf (a la Gossip Girl) in mind.  I was very inspired by her trailblazing outfits and confidence. Her style was and always will be impeccable, timeless and elegant in every meaning of the word. In my mind, I could definitely see Blair wearing something like this in mind, except she would have it with her perfect signature headband of dominance. I’ve paired it in my own style with this beautifully designed lace top, then added on a pair of tie-up sandals and white denim jacket to keep it casual. I finished off the outfit with one of my many wide-brimmed black hats to keep me with even the slightest bit of protection from the sun. 

          This is definitely one of the many outfits I would pack and wear if I were on a gorgeous summery cruise, hopefully approved by the Waldorf of great finesse, despite being a little more revealing than her modestly sexy outfits. 

          Now, dahlings, do tell me, if you were on a cruise, what drink do see yourself sipping on all day long?


        T-shirt dresses have instantly become my favorite go-to piece this summer. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s lightweight, breezy and easy to style. It’s foolproof for anyone who is in a time crunch or is too lazy to figure out what combination of tops and bottoms to wear.

        As soon as I saw this T-shirt maxi, I was spellbound. I knew I had to have it. It was the perfect piece for a comfy sleeping dress and an easy casual outfit. Two birds with one stone, baby!

        I wanted to go with a bohemian magic gypsy vibe to the outfit so I paired it with this beautiful long necklace that I couldn’t leave the store without. Its design transported me to a world of sorcerers and fairies and witches and wizards, like I was carrying the key to its world. You know what I mean?

       The long necklace helped to break up the long, shapeless dress and elongated and streamlined my body than if I were to wear something short like a choker or a bib necklace. I then topped off my outfit with a hat for that extra witchy, hocus pocus feel, my favorite pink shades for a pop of color and t-strap sandals, keeping it simple and casual. And boom, another outfit centered around a basic piece.

      So, what do you guys think of my outfit?